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Weekly Otherworld News by sparkyrat Weekly Otherworld News by sparkyrat
Seventh Sanctum Contest Entry[link]

Well here is the lastest issue of that fantastic tabloid that everyone loves...
Weekly Otherworld News, as you can see they found the famous Batboy's cousin Dragon boy LOL...

Here are the generators I used. I did some drawings, some photo manipulations using my photos(rats and dog) and got my background pics from Stockxchange! I also tried out Daz studio for the first time and thats where I got the figure shape for dragonboy Then I put him in photoshop and got crazy with him.

Dragonling generator

Type 4 - Humanoid dragon (or dragonlike humanoid).
This sneaky male dragonling has narrow, slit-pupiled eyes the color of ripe

apricots. He is bald. He has an overmuscled build. His thick scales are

grass-green.His face has an inhumanly reptilian look to it. He has horns on the

side of his head. He has clawlike hands and human-like feet. He has tiny,

graceful wings.He has a large,thin tail tipped with a sharp end. His wardrobe

is risque and elaborate, with a mostly blue color scheme.

Dark Minion Generator
Wind Screamers From The Ethereal World

Humorous Monster Generator
Brass Chihuahua of the Imagination

Superhero/Villain Name Generator (twice)
Amethyst Storm
Sterling Slash

Wrestling Event Generator
The Ultimate Showdown
World Slam

Evil Animal Minion Generator
Release the giant berserk radioactive rats that live to destroy!

Medication Generator
Zixsol - small, hexagonal, red pills
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2007
I'll take this as an entry and post it - I'd also suggest you link back to the separate pieces of art so people can appreciate your hard work!
sparkyrat Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much I did send it as an entry with the send comment button
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