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Survivor Extreme by sparkyrat Survivor Extreme by sparkyrat
Here is my second entry for the Seventh Sanctum [link] Contest called Free-For-All [link]
Survivor in fantasy land.

I tried a funny idea with this one, i used the daz studio and used the two characters, Aiko and Micheal for poses and then tried to make each one look as different as possible. That was fun!!

Here are the Generators I used.
Adventure Site Generator
Island of the Monsters

Catgirl(twice for twins)

This sensitive catgirl has hooded, green eyes. She has short, straight red and
black hair, worn in an impractacal style.Her skin is cream-colored. Her fur is gray with black spots on her ears and tail.She has a curvy figure. Her tufted
ears are droopy, rounded and wide-set, and her tail is plume-like and carried
straight.She usually wears something made of leather straps and not much else. She's always surrounded by friends.

This humorous catgirl has wide, green eyes. She has shoulder-length, fine,
straight, black and red hair worn in a precise style. Her fur is gray with
black spots on her thighs and shoulders. She has a slender figure. Her ears are
pointed, and her tail is short, bushy and carried with a curve.Her fashion
preferences are best described as "as little as possible." She walks in a very
sensual manner.

Evil Deity Generator
Onliel, The Demon Blind Duchess of Chaos
Fangirl Fantasy Generator
This bodyguard is distant and focused. His hair is the color of milk chocolate.
His ivory eyes call to you. His skin is like satin.

Deity Generator
This vocal goddess of summer takes the form of a young woman. She is tall and
has a lithe build. Her wide eyes are beyrl-green. Her medium-length, luxurious hair is the color of blueberries, and is worn in an unusual style.She has pale skin. She is usually portrayed as wearing a sexy outfit and a necklace. She carries a quarterstaff. She can impart knowledge of the seasons.

Magic Item Generator
Holy Staff of Green Auras
Chaotic Axe

Magical Girl Generator
This hateful magical girl has wide blue eyes. Her shoulder-length, straight,
silky hair is the color of wild grass, and is worn in an simple style. She has a very feminine figure. She has hypnotic powers that are invoked instinctively. Her costume is mostly purple and green, and it resembles a sorceress' robes.

Vampire Generator
Male Regular
This arrogant vampire has round brown eyes that are like two tiger-eye gems.
His silky, straight, brown hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a
rooster's crest. He has an slender build. His skin is pale. He has high cheekbones. He has the standard vampiric disabilities. His diet requires blood of females.His outfits are weird.

Magical Knight Generator
This contemplative magic knight has droopy obsidian eyes. His long, straight,
silky hair is the color of valuable emeralds, and is worn in a severe style. He has a slender build. He has evil powers that are activated by magical gestures. His outfit is mostly white and blue, and it is essentially a monk's outfit.

Diety Generator
This god of light takes the form of an older man. He has a muscular build. He
has no hair, but instead his head is covered in tentacle-like appendages. His
slitted eyes are turquoise. He has dark skin. He is usually portrayed as
wearing a simple outfit. He carries an axe. He has six arms. He is always
surrounded by an aura of light.

Genoraters for thier names...

Cat Being Namer

Wrestler Namer
Justin "The Prince" Wells

Vampire Name Generator

Stich Blackdusk

Magnum Armstrong

Elf Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

Evil Name Generator
Charmneed The Binder
morandom Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
thats alot of generators...........:)
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2007
Got it - but you got the link to the contest wrong ;)
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