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Barbarian Babysitters by sparkyrat Barbarian Babysitters by sparkyrat
Ok There is this contest on the wonderful Seventh Sanctum called Silly Season [link] Basically I used the Humorous Fantasy Class Generator [link] where i got the description of Barbarian/Babysitter, thats where the fun started...I made one cross old one eyed ogre named Fred Bonecrusher to be the babysitter since we all know that barbarian is a class not a race. Then i figured that he needed a baby to babysit. Then came another baby and another and so on. Then I thought that with all those babies he needed a wife to help with them all so Ethel Bonecrusher was born. After all of that I figured they needed a backstory so here it is...

Barbarian Babysitters!

Meet Fred and Ethel Bonecrusher, they used to be mighty ogre barbarians. Fred and Ethel were quite a couple.they've been together for years guarding thier village and protecting thier people, they fought mightily and raised cain when they could.
Due to downsizing and forced retirment they have been ordered by the great Ogre barbarian leader to spend the rest of thier lives babysitting the monster babies of the forest. No more pillaging and plundering for them.
The little ones they are now responsible for are Susie the centaur whose innocent look hides a fiesty tempermant. Fluer the fairy whose wide eyes are allways looking for mischief. Gertie the goblin girl whose little red wings are more for show that use. Terence the little green troll baby who crawls into as much trouble as he can. Ollie the little ogre baby who would rather be napping that anything and finally the little one in the blanket, no one knows quite what she is only that she was left at the edge of the forest with a note that asked for someone to care for her.
Fred and Ethel will need more patience and skill for this job than they ever did before.

Oh you can see seperate pictures of each creature in my scraps file Thanks for looking!!!
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DragonScholar Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2006
Commenting now that the contest is over:

. . . you just don't stop do you ;) You took this one so far, I'm impressed. And very cute too!
derffie Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
cute AND ugly!!!! wow! they are like cornish people!!!
sparkyrat Featured By Owner May 31, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I'd like to meet these cornish people LOL they sound like a nifty bunch.
derffie Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006

Them like that!!!! ;) We'm a odd'ass heave o' booties I tell 'E!!!
sparkyrat Featured By Owner May 26, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mwahaha thats what i was going for .........................................................................
hypoluxo Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I wanted to add a million exclamation points, but I thought the people of deviantART would yell at me for wasting space.) Anyway, it manages to be cute and crazy simultaneously.
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